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Current researches

SMATT: Smart Meter ATTestation Using Multiple Target Selection and Copy-proof Memory
PFS: Probabilistic Filter Scheduling Against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks
Online Detection of Fake Access Points using Received Signal Strengths
Carving Secure Wi-Fi Zones with Defensive Jamming
Detection of Cache Pollution Attacks Using Randomness Checks
Cyber Weather Forecasting: Forecasting Unknown Internet Worms Using Randomness Analysis
Identifying botnets by capturing group activities in DNS traffic

Past researches

Cyber weather forecasting
Modeling and simulation of cyber attack/defence
Dynamic Content Right Protection(DCRP) System
Secure, EAsy Authentication Using Features in Images (SEa AUF Images)
PROBE: A Process Behavior-based Host Intrusion Prevention System
Defending VoIP Services against Malformed Messages and Flooding Attacks
Slashbot: Providing statistics of bots
BASE: an incrementally deployable mechanism for viable IP spoofing prevention
ADUR: Anomaly Detection Using Randomness
PCAV: Attack visualization using parallel coordinate
SAS: Secure Automatic Sign-in
OTL: One Touch Login