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Computer and Communication Security Laboratory

/Bot project is a project to display statistics of spam bots by country, date, kinds of bots, etc. This statistics may help you analyze the trend of bot infection. We analyze and reprocess the data files from several spam data providers such as CBL(http://cbl.abuseat.org/). We daily update the database and reflect to the statistics. If you have any question, please contact to aerosmiz@korea.ac.kr.

Input dates that you want to see the bot statistics:

~ Available dates - 090803 ~ 091115 (YYMMDD)

( If you want to display a day, fill in the blanks with same days, e.g., 090803 ~ 090803 )

Number of bots by country Number of country by bots Kinds of bots by country

KR,US,... Refer to the 'CODE TABLE'