2007/11/30 An article has been published on "".
Congraturations. An article which is written by members of CCS has been puclished on The title of the article is "One Touch Logon Replacing Multiple Passwords with Single Fingerprint Recognition" Link
2007/08/14 Prof. Lee's news by the korean science magazine
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2007/08/06 Prof. Lee, as an editor of JCN
Prof. Lee will serve as an editor of the journal of commmunications and networks (JCN) from 2007. JCN is a leading scientific journal in networking areas, and Prof. Lee will edit papers in network security. More information is available at
2007/08/06 Prof. Lee in CC Evaluation and Certification Committee, NIS
From May 2007, Prof. Lee will serve as a committee member of evaluation and certification of security products according to the international standard named as the Common Criteria (CC). Korea is one of 12 certification country, and the national intelligence service (NIS) in Korea manages the office for certification.
2007/07/24 Ejovi Nuwere visited CCS lab to participate in a lab seminar.
Ejovi Nuwere from SecuriLab Technologies visited CCS lab to participate in a lab seminar on July 23, 2007. The seminar was about VoIP security and the introduction of CCS lab. Show pictures
2007/06/07 Dr. Lee serves as a committee member for Uz-CERT consultation
Dr. Lee will serve as an advisory member for consulting national CERT in Uzbekistan from May to Dec. 2007.
2007/06/07 Dr. Lee serves as an advisor for digital forensics in Supreme Prosecutor's Office
Dr. Lee was invited to serve as an advisory committee member in the Korea Supreme Prosecutor's Office, starting from May 23, 2007.
2007/05/11 Lee, Jongsun received an award from KIPS(Korea Information Processing Society)
Lee, Jongsun, one of the member of GSCIT(Graduate School of Computer and Information Technology), received an award for best paper from KIPS(Korea Information Processing Sociey).
2007/02/21 CCS lab won the best award in research excellence!!
CCS lab won the highest prize given by BK21 software research division in Korea university. The score was evaluated by twelve professors in Department of Computer and Radio Communications Engineering. well-prepared visual datas and clear explanations must have made good impressions on the professors.
2006/12/26 The Promotion of Dr. Heejo Lee
Dr. Heejo Lee was confirmed to be promoted from assistant professor to associate professor of Korea University at 1, March, 2007. Congratulation on the promotion.