2007/06/07 Dr. Lee serves as a committee member for Uz-CERT consultation
Dr. Lee will serve as an advisory member for consulting national CERT in Uzbekistan from May to Dec. 2007.
2007/06/07 Dr. Lee serves as an advisor for digital forensics in Supreme Prosecutor's Office
Dr. Lee was invited to serve as an advisory committee member in the Korea Supreme Prosecutor's Office, starting from May 23, 2007.
2007/05/11 Lee, Jongsun received an award from KIPS(Korea Information Processing Society)
Lee, Jongsun, one of the member of GSCIT(Graduate School of Computer and Information Technology), received an award for best paper from KIPS(Korea Information Processing Sociey).
2007/02/21 CCS lab won the best award in research excellence!!
CCS lab won the highest prize given by BK21 software research division in Korea university. The score was evaluated by twelve professors in Department of Computer and Radio Communications Engineering. well-prepared visual datas and clear explanations must have made good impressions on the professors.
2006/12/26 The Promotion of Dr. Heejo Lee
Dr. Heejo Lee was confirmed to be promoted from assistant professor to associate professor of Korea University at 1, March, 2007. Congratulation on the promotion.
2006/11/29 4th Joint Workshop btw Security Labs in Korea & Japan (1/29~30)
The fourth Joint Workshop will be held at Postech Jan. 29 (Mon) ~ 30 (Tue), 2007. As like our tradition, current studies on security will be introduced and discussed actively. Postech, PKNU, Kyushu Univ, ISIT in Japan and Korea Univ will be the participants of the workshop. All CCS lab members will attend the workshop. =heejo
2006/11/28 Welcome to the CCS lab in Korea University!
Hello, everyone! We have revised the web pages of the security laboratory. A lot of parts are automated to upload the up-to-date contents produced by the laboratory. However, the current state is still under construction. Always welcome to hear your comments on this web site! As well, thank you Jeheon and all other members, for their contribution for the web pages! =heejo
2006/11/16 Homepage renewal
Congratulations! Special thanks to all the lab members!