Date : 12-07-27
[Short Course Notice] Software Vulnerabilities and Exploits (Aug.1.2012 ~ Aug.10.2012)
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Title: Short course for Software Vulnerabilities and Exploits
Speaker: Hyunsang Choi
Schdule: Aug. 1. 2012 ~ Aug. 10. 2012 (8 weekdays) 1:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM
Classroom: #202, Woojung CIC building

This course focuses on teaching fundamentals of x86 assembly, Windows operating system and exploitation by having students write exploits. Advanced exploitation approaches including ROP (Return Oriented Programming), heap spraying, JIT spraying are also introduced. This class attempts to teach a strategic approach to attack and penetration that goes beyond "penetration testing" to model how a real attacker approaches. This class covers not only the exploitation techniques but also software vulnerability finding mechanisms including static code analysis, fuzz testing, taint analysis. Security professionals familiar with x86 assembler, some reverse engineering, debugging, and Windows memory management will be best suited for this course.

Short Bio:
Hyunsang Choi received the BS, MS and PhD degree in computer science and engineering from Korea University in Seoul, Korea in 2004, 2006 and 2012, respectively. He was an intern at Microsoft Research Asia in China from 2009 to 2010. He is currently working as a research professor at Korea University.

※ This short cource will be regareded as a part of a lecture of S/W security in comming fall semester course for all graduate students who register the lecture.
※ All students are recommended to bring their own laptop for experiments.