Date : 12-07-23
To apply to Computer and Communication Security Lab.
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Thank you for your interest in CCS Lab.
We have a few positions for MS, PhD or Integrated MS/PhD course every spring/fall semester.
If you are interested in the security laboratory, please contact with the liaison member
in advance before coming on the day of interview or applying to the graduate school.
First, send an e-mail to the liaison member and Prof. Lee about your essay and
Curriculum Vitae (CV). Please do not hesitate to contact the liaison member
if you want to know any information about CCS Lab.

Hope to work with you for developing defense technologies against cyber attacks.

Before submitting the application form, please ensure the following:
- For all applicants, ensure that you select "Department of Computer and Radio Communications Engineering" as a department, "Computer Science and Engineering" as a program
- For Masters course applicant, ensure that you select "Integrated Masters and Doctors course" as an application type

Liaison member (2019) : Choongin Lee, choonginlee(at), +82-2-3290-3638