Date : 10-12-16
[Seminar] "Cloud in general and Infrastructure as a Service(laaS)" by RANDY L. BIAS, CEO, FOUNDER & CLOUD STRATEGIST (June. 23, 5:00pm~:7:00pm)
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Title : Cloud in general and Infrastructure as a Service(laaS)

Speaker : RANDY L. BIAS, CEO, FOUNDER & CLOUD STRATEGISTData:June 23 (Wednesday)

5:00pm~7:00pmLocation : Science Library 611 ICP lecture room, Korea

UniversityAbstract:How did a bookseller (Amazon), a search engine (Google), and a web

portal (Yahoo!) pioneer cloud computing? We''ll discuss how cloud computing is the

technological, architectural, and operational underpinnings of how cloud-scale

systems are built,why ''cloud computing'' is what powers ''cloud'', and how these new

computing principles will eventually displace client-server and mainframe computing.

In the process, we''ll also come to understand that ''cloud computing'' and ''cloud''

are related, but not the same, how the space is evolving quickly,and why cloud

computing is fundamentally a disruptive change,as in Clayton Christen''s Innovator''s

Dilemma.We are now experiencing a change so large that the client-server computing

titans of today will be like the mainframe titans of yesterday.Bio:Randy is the

expert cloud providers like VMware, EngineYard, Internap, and GoGrid consult when

they need help. His independent cloud engineering services firm, Cloudscaling,

advises Fortune 500 companies like Kaiser Permanente on cloud strategy. Randy has

driven innovations in infrastructure, IT, Operations, and 24×7 service delivery

since1990. He was the technical visionary on the executive team of GoGrid &

ServePath, a major cloud computing provider. Prior to GoGrid, he built the world’''s

first multi-cloud, multi-platform cloud management framework at CloudScaleNetworks,

Inc.Randy is recognized as one of the top cloud bloggers and twitterers and recently

won a 2009 ''Cloudie‘'' award for Most Influential Cloud Blogger. The Cloudscaling

blog has tens of thousands of page views every month. Randy’''s innovative open

licensing of the GoGrid API inspired many others to open license their cloud APIs

includingSun Microsystems, Rackspace Cloud, and VMware. Randy is a cloud computing

thought leader who is frequently asked to present and participate on panels at

technology conferences.