Date : 22-07-06
[Seminar] Dr. Yuseung Kim, Intuitive Surgical, The Role of a Cyber Security Architect - Focusing on Automotive and Medical Equipment Cases
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Speaker : Dr. Yuseung Kim, Intuitive Surgical
Date : 2021. 07. 07(Thu) 16:00 ~ 18:00
Location : #208, Woojung Building

Short bio: After completing his PhD from CMU ECE, he went on to Ford Research Lab, and now he is responsible for the security of medical devices at Intuitive Surgical.
Abstract: The importance of cyber security of mission critical systems in which safety is related is increasing. In recent years, new regulations and standards related to cybersecurity have been created in the field of automobiles and medical equipment. We would like to look at the trends in the field and share stories related to careers as to what you should be prepared for as a cyber security architect.