Date : 19-09-18
[Seminar] Arnold Yoon, Honeywell, Your dream job or dirty job
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Speaker : Arnold Yoon
Date : 2019. 9. 19(Thu) 17:00 ~
Location : #201, Woojung Building

Introducing multiple security domains in information security and understand the cross domain collaboration.
The workshop will provide an opportunity to understand the insight of security practices in emerging the industrial and Cloud environment.
Hopefully, the workshop will guide the security practitioner candidates some focus area to learn and research further, prepared to be operating in the field.
The workshop will be an interactive format that is designed to answer the questions of security to-be security practitioners.

Arnold S. Yoon is an information security professional that has about 20years of experience in across multiple security domains internationally.
Arnold had started his journey as a naval officer to develop the information security capability in the R.O.K. Navy and continued to work in the military and government sector as serving as the coordination manager in KrCERT/CC, KISA and the awareness and collaboration liaison of CERT/CC, SEI, CMU. After Arnold’s leadership in security operations with NETL, DoE, he joined to implement his expertise into the private sector by joining the CTU of Secureworks. During his service with multiple organizations, both in public and private sector, Arnold continues to be an active member of the international security community that 300+ active members collaborate globally.
Arnold Yoon is currently serving as a Security Operations Team Lead for Honeywell Connected Enterprise (HCE) of Honeywell International, where he demonstrates his leadership and knowledge in cross domain security issues.