Date : 15-05-04
[Seminar] Dr. Bin B. Zhu of Microsoft Research Asia
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Title : Graphical Passwords -- Security Analysis and a New Direction of Design

Speaker : Dr. Bin B. Zhu (Microsoft Research Asia)
Date : 8th May (Fri) 10:30AM ~ 12:00PM
Location : #208, Woojung CIC Building.

In this presentation, we’ll first provide a quick overview of our recent work on security, and then describe in detail our recent research on graphical passwords. For graphical passwords, we’ll focus on the most extensively studied click-based graphical passwords. We’ll present the typical click-based graphical password schemes, and analyze their security. We’ll show that all existing click-based graphical password schemes are vulnerable to guessing attacks. Then we’ll present a new direction to design click-based graphical passwords that can thwart guessing attacks.

Bin B. Zhu, Ph. D., is a lead researcher at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). Before joining MSRA in December 2001, he worked for more than four years as a Lead Scientist at Cognicity, a company he co-founded with his Ph. D. advisor and a colleague in 1997. He has published four book chapters and over 60 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals and conferences, and been awarded over 40 US patents. His current interests include Web and cloud security, authentication, privacy protection, content encryption and protection, and data compression. Dr. Zhu received his M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in electrical engineering with minor in computer science from the University of Minnesota in Sept. 1993 and Dec. 1998, respectively.