2021/09/09 Seunghoon's paper, V0Finder (SECURITY 2021), is introduced as news articles
The articles introduce the research results of V0Finder, which discovers the Vulnerability Zero (VZ, the software where a vulnerability first originated) of software vulnerabilities, and the importance of discovering VZs in the perspective of prompt vulnerability detection and patching process.
2021/02/19 Seunghoon's paper, CENTRIS (ICSE 2021), is introduced as a news article in The Daily Swig
The article introduces the research results of CENTRIS, which identifies modified OSS components accounting for 95% real-world popular OSS ecosystem, and its significance in terms of security and the software supply chain management.
2020/09/25 It has been published as a special feature article in the 2020 issue of 'Engineering Journal' on the theme of 'Going to Korea University Blockchain Research Institute'
Pre-checking and preventing security vulnerabilities caused by open source code reuse in the block chain has been introduced.
2020/07/13 MBC news regarding the safety problem by the security vulnerabilities is reported at July 13, 2020
One message can stop a fast moving scooter remotely which can be fatal to the user.
The news story is based on the analysis by CCS lab members.
(Video with English subtitles:")
2018/09/14 CCSLAB got the 1st prize for UDC2018 contest
CCSLAB got the first prize for the UDC2018 contest with SmartWall, the firewall system for the smart contract.
2018/09/14 Prof. Lee presented about blockchain security in UDC2018
Professor presented about software security issues can be included such as vulnerability propagation through the code clones of open source software (OSS) and the existence of same vulnerabilities in multiple locations via the code reuse of reference implementations through the sessions. (
2017/12/19 Jisu Park got a prize for SW Challenge
Congratulations! Jisu Park got 1st prize for 2017 SW Challenge.
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2017/02/09 Seulbae's paper was accepted in IEEE S&P 2017
Congratulations! The paper entitled "VUDDY: A Scalable Approach for Vulnerable Code Clone Discovery" by Seulbae Kim, Seunghoon Woo, Heejo Lee, and Hakjoo Oh was accepted in IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2017 (IEEE S&P 2017), one of the top-tier conferences in computer science.
2016/12/31 Prof. Lee got an award from Korean Government
Congratulations! Prof. Lee got an award from the Minister of Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs. The award is given from the collaboration with the national forensic service in the development of forensic technologies. Click to see award certificate Click
2016/09/07 Choongin Lee won a scholarship on Qualcomm Innovation Award 2016
Congratulations! Choongin Lee won a scholarship on Qualcomm Innovation Award 2016. Click to see photo Click